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# Nom Carte normale Carte rare
1 Warrior of Light Why so serious? Light it up
2 Princess Sarah Ephemeral beauty Big sister
3 Firion What? It's free! A man of passion
4 Minwu Mysidia Real age unknown
5 Onion Knight That onion kid Late bloomer
6 Cid There's not just one Wheel of Time
7 Cecil Handy in a pinch Future King
8 Rydia Crybaby! Grew up pretty fine
9 Kain Actually blond The original Dragoon
10 Edge Two-faced prince Has a great arm
11 Bartz Three stars Harem party
12 Faris Can rock a dress Flames of Courage
13 Lenna Papa, Papuuu! Waves of Devotion
14 Galuf Who am I? Warriors of Dawn
15 Terra What is love? Moogle lover
16 Locke Bleeeuuugh!!! Treasure Hunter
17 Celes Runic Opera Floozy
18 Edgar Machinery Ladies' Man
19 Cloud Chocobo-head Not interested
20 Aerith Flowergirl I want to meet you
21 Tifa My fists are my weapon! Orthopedic Underwear
22 Barret All for Marlene Gimmick Arm
23 Sephiroth The Promised Land Brings the despair
24 Squall The aloof warrior Legendary SeeD
25 Seifer The sorceress's pet Fire Cross
26 Rinoa Lost in space Stronger than Squall
27 Laguna My manly charm I'm the prez!
28 Zidane Loves chasing tail You're not alone
29 Vivi Ornitier A bit of a klutz
30 Garnet Ooo, soft Can't concentrate
31 Eiko Madain Sari Spare summoner
32 Tidus Star players first! The Zanarkand Abes
33 Yuna Heterochromia Like father, like daughter
34 Auron My story Bushido
35 Jecht What a dad I hate you, Dad
36 Shantotto Lady Karababa I rhyme in time
37 Prishe Aww, hell! Knuckle sandwich
38 Aphmau Nashmeira Puppetmaster
39 Lilisette Time Traveler Mayakov's star
40 Vaan Two a's please How old are you again?
41 Ashe Crowned at nineteen Balthier!
42 Balthier Leading man Actually Ffamran
43 Fran Middle sister Not your plaything
44 Lightning Not your sister Claire Farron
45 Snow Crazy about Serah Stubble of love
46 Hope Now we're even! Teen rebellion
47 Vanille Sleeping beauty Hecatoncheir
48 Y'shtola Scions of the Seventh Dawn Sharlayan native
49 Benjamin Benjamin Unknown hero
50 Ramza Alma! Ever the squire
51 Agrias Holy Knight Holy knight
52 Yuna 2nd ver Yunie Defeated Sin
53 Rikku 2nd ver Al Bhed Astraphobia
54 Paine Kick its ass Give me a break.
55 Cairan Myrrh drops Caravan man
56 Tifa 2nd ver 7th Heaven Perfect hourglass
57 Zack You're not the only hero! The puppy dog
58 Cosmos Barefooted goddess This ends now
59 Chaos Master of illusion Ultimate Chaos
60 Ace Can sleep anywhere Loves chocobos
61 Machina Bolt Rapiers Never skips class
62 Rem Cough cough MP not an issue
63 Serah Fights with a moogle Ultima Arrow
64 Noel A future that has people Loves Adamantoise
65 Lightning 2nd ver The savior Back again
66 Chocobo Handy in a race Does dungeons, too
67 Fat Chocobo I'm stuffed! Supersized
68 Moogle Hot dance moves No touching the tail
69 Curtain Call Heroes Quite the ensemble Heroines, too
70 Chocobo Chocobo Kick Loyal steed
71 Shiva Want a ride? Cool beauty
72 Ramuh Wise mage Thunder clap
73 Ifrit Fiery demon Fire master
74 Odin He'll cut you down Clippity-clop
75 Bahamut The Dragon King THE summon
76 Knights of Round Round Island Ultimate End
77 Lich Fiend of Earth Living corpse
78 Chaos Garland Evil incarnated
79 Captain Do not approach Rebels!?
80 Black Knight Cannot be beat? Dark armor
81 Emperor Ungaahhhh! No known aliases
82 Hein Physical immunity One styling skeleton
83 Xande Hah hah hah! Die! Noah's student
84 Cloud of Darkness Green lady Particle Beam
85 Scarmiglione Zombie fest Call me Milon
86 Cagnazzo King faker Who is Kainazzo?
87 Barbariccia Flowing locks Valvalis? Valvalicia?
88 Rubicante Flash a little leg Rubicant? Close enough.
89 Golbez Lunarian Man in Black
90 Zeromus Big Bang Black Hole
91 Objet D'art ABP farming Gold Needle
92 Enkidu Xezat's foe Or Enkido
93 Gilgamesh Genji Gloves Nice underneath it all
94 Omega Relentless Terrifying encounter
95 Shinryu Treasure!? Ragnarok's guardian
96 Exdeath Loves nothingness That's a tree!?
97 Magitek Armor Back Attack Bumpy ride
98 Ultros Octopus Royalty Hates muscle men
99 Typhon Snort FUNGAH!
100 Deathgaze Random Encounter Cough up that Bahamut!
101 Kefka Mad clown Uwee-hee-hee!
102 Kefka Such meaningless things Warring Triad
103 Reno Turk It's me and Rude
104 Ultimate Weapon Try and catch me It's the ultimate
105 Diamond Weapon Rising Sun Midgar's enemy
106 Jenova Synthesis The true form Inside the Planet
107 Safer Sephiroth Disciplinary Committee Momma's boy
108 Esthar Soldier My back itches Knee...so itchy...
109 Gesper No potty breaks Nose-face maniac
110 Pupu An alien More please!
111 Tonberry King Falling pots! Watch the crown
112 Giguantar Handlebar mustache Falling down flat
113 Edea The Matron Hates SeeDs
114 Ultimecia Time Compression Back-to-back-to-back-to-back
115 Black Waltz 3 Kwahahahaha! You...you scum!
116 Ozma Color sphere The strongest spheroid
117 Trance Kuja Flare Star Who's the fairest?
118 Necron The real final boss Newton's rings
119 Anima Destruction Sphere Chained danger
120 Seymor Natus Mortibody Not done yet
121 Braska's Final Aeon Jecht Beam Otherworld
122 Gigas Mighty Giant Hobby: collecting shields
123 Goobbue Scary when mad Lives on mandragoras
124 The Shadow Lord Fiat Lux Beastman master
125 Eald'narche Babyface Secret left eye
126 Bangaa Thief Call me a lizard!? Not fond of magic
127 Mandragoras High sodium Cover your ears!
128 Gabranth Aggressor Another Noah
129 The Undying Perfect Defense Not so Vayne now
130 Yiazmat The very toughest 50,000,000+ HP
131 PSICOM Enforcer Bare minimum Weak but plentiful
132 Manasvin Warmech Tutorial Mechanical stalker
133 Orphan Speaks in plural Heartless judgment
134 Ultima, The High Seraph Nice body Took Ajora for a ride
135 Bahamut Sin Another blow to Midgar Where're my wings?
136 Manikin Just a fake A real faker
137 Feral Chaos Regnum Dei True Chaos
138 Colossus Magic armor Not fond of lightning
139 Atlas Just plain huge Where's the off switch!?
140 Goblin Not all bad Hobby: roller skating
141 Green Dragon Poison Gas Green with greed
142 Iron Giant Grand Sword Actually quite cowardly
143 Ahriman Doom Flying eyeballs
144 Sand Worm Swallowed! Worm or caterpillar?
145 Zu One big bird Mystic Quest's toughest
146 Magic Pot Inside's a secret Gimme an Elixir!
147 Lamia Entice Half a hottie
148 Tonberry Creeping closer Watch the knife!
149 Mover Delta Attack Three musketeers
150 Cactaur Can't hit me Stop dodging!
151 Hill Gigas Panty shot The big one
152 Coeurl Blaster Watch the whiskers
153 Sahagin Mer...man? Half-fish
154 Adamantoise Quake Long Gui's my hero
155 Bomb Boom! Getting mad
156 King Bomb Ugly mug Ka-BOOOOOOM!
157 Malboro Halitosis Got Remedies?
158 Great Malboro Worst breath Double the stank
159 Flan Flanitor? Where's my spoon?
160 Jumbo Flan Boi-oing Not a bit tasty
161 Behemoth A real regular Big and fast
162 King Behemoth Four in a row Meteor Counter

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