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FFXI : Beta-tests pour l'Europe

Dans le but de trouver des beta-testeurs pour la version européenne de Final Fantasy XI, Square Enix Europe a récemment fait parvenir des e-mails à certains membres de leur site officiel.

Evidemment, seules les personnes qui ont reçu cet e-mail peuvent participer, la date limite étant le 17 Mai.

Voici le fameux e-mail :


Dear Square Enix Europe Fan,


As you may know, PlayOnline, Tetra Master and FINAL FANTASY XI have recently been released in North America and are now potentially on their way to Europe.

Bringing PlayOnline and FINAL FANTASY XI to Europe will involve a great deal of testing to ensure the quality you’ve come to expect from Square Enix Europe titles. Our first step is to test the connectivity to the PlayOnline and FINAL FANTASY XI servers through various ISP services across the European continent.

Square Enix Europe is interested in learning more about you as a possible participant in this limited closed beta test.

In order to qualify, you must be at least 13 years of age and be able to read and write English. Should you qualify and be interested in gaining a sneak peek at the North American FINAL FANTASY XI MMORPG while thoroughly testing your Internet connection, please visit:

*URL retirée*

To be considered for participation in the closed beta test programme, you must have completed and submitted the online application form no later than Monday, 17 May 2004.

This invitation is only extended to a select group of fans. Because of the private nature of this application, we ask that you do not forward this e-mail to anyone. Responses from anyone other than the addressed parties will not be accepted. In addition, please submit the application only once. Duplicate applications will be voided and disqualified from the closed beta test.

We hope you take part in this fun opportunity and look forward to your assistance in possibly bringing PlayOnline and FINAL FANTASY XI to Europe.

Thank you for your support.

Square Enix Europe

Ceci est de bonne augure pour la sortie de Final Fantasy XI en Europe.

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