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Paris Manga : Interview Kazushige Nojima (EN)

Paris Manga

During Paris Manga & Sci-Fi Show,  we were able to meet Kazushige Nojima, scenario writer of Final Fantasy (FFVII, FFVIII, FFX, FFX-2, Fabula Nova Crystallis) and Kingdom Hearts for a short interview.

Kazushige Nojima

Finaland: Hello Mr. Nojima. I don’t know if it’s your first time in Paris, or even in France ?

Hello, I have come several times but this is the first time I have a little free time to enjoy things here. It is true that until now, I went from one point to another without really having time to walk and enjoy.

Finaland: So our first question is kind of a joke. A rumor says that alcohol is the best friend of scenario writers. Can you tell us more, and whether or not you confirm this rumor?

(laughs) Ahhhhhh... I don't think it's necessary, however, where alcohol is interesting, we often have the opportunity to drink and meet many people and maybe from there, it can stimulate little things.

Finaland: Our second question is a little more complex. Fans were very surprised by the link between Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy X via Final Fantasy X-2 Ultimania. Ultimania books were not translated at that time, it took years for us to know this link here thanks to the Internet. Do you have anecdotes to tell us about this?

This story is a bit of a joke. When we created FFX-2, we wanted to create something, a totally new world. Except that when I created it, I realized that it looked a lot like FFVII ... But without realizing it. Afterwards, when it was officially said in Ultimania, it took a completely gigantic proportion when it was just an anecdote.

Finaland: They were very surprised, clearly they did not believe it.

(laughs) It's anecdotal, there is nothing that deep!

Finaland: Our third question. Fans often have the habit of reading between lines. As for example in Final Fantasy VIII with Rinoa = Ultimecia, theory denied by Kitase-san. Do you expect this kind of reaction, do you put yourself in the shoes of the fans when designing your scenarios?

It surprises me, because it's true that when I see that fans are able to be imaginative and make incredible connections, sometimes I think they're better than me (laughs). And it's true that when I discover this kind of reaction from fans, it's something that is both stimulating and allows us to progress!

Finaland: About the Fabula Nova Crystallis. Where did you get your inspiration to create this mythology? Were you given instructions or were you totally free?

It's an original story that I've created. Initially, I wanted to create a new myth, a new universe with legends. When I've introduced my ideas to the team, they really liked it. So we were able to continue and this allowed the creation of the whole universe of Fabula Nova Crystallis.

Finaland: Always in the theme of mythology. What is your favorite mythology in real life?

I am particularly sensitive to Greek mythology. Especially because the very first game I worked on was a game on Nintendo console, Heracles no Eiko (Glory of Heracles), which I studied a lot back in time so I'm particularly sensitive to it.

Mythologies that I find very cool are often Nordic mythologies with gods like Odin etc.

Finaland : We agree with you ! (laughs)

Interview lead, transcript and translation by Fat Chocobo.

Special thanks to Paris Manga team and Wayô Records team for making this interview possible and of course big respect to Kazushige Nojima for his availability, answers and kindness !

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